Thursday, 9 April 2009

I am two! Happy Birthday to my blog!

My blog has just turned two years old. Blogging has now become a regular part of life as I pen my thoughts and travel adventures. The thought of writing travel diaries seems quite arcane now.

Thank you to all those of you who have stopped by during the last year to read and comment. A special thank you to the top referrers to the site over the last year who are all good friends and sources of traffic: Blue Eyes, Thailand Musings, John Dang, Shakespearemate and Brockley Central.

My most popular 10 articles during the past year are below. Some I haven't penned this year, but for reasons beyond my comprehension seem to be lastingly popular and make a second appearance in the top ten.
1. BBC iPlayer vs 4OD - one of my few attempts at a tech review continues to draw people in.
2. Thai Massage - using the words thai massage and happy ending in the same article continues to attract the crowds.
3. Restaurant Review: Memories of Bengal - the only review of Cholsey's finest curry house.
4. In Remembrance of Paul Spackman - a sad obituary of a friend who passed away last summer.
5. Restaurant Review: Maze at London, NYC - Gordon Ramsey gets reviewed, ineptly.
6. What does SOHO stand for? - seems that it is not just me asking the question.
7. First Fridays not quite the Guggenheim - gets a slew of visitors just before the first Friday of the month, every month.
8. Restaurant Review: Gandhis Kennington - a mighty fine curry house.
9. Restaurant Review: Kolbeh at Skitby
10. Restaurant Review: Caminata Balham - one of the few reviews to have incurred the wroth of an anonymous reader in the comments.

The blog this year has been dominated by travel news and restaurant reviews. I've been lucky enough to do a lot of travelling in the last year for work and pleasure, and have made a point of trying the local cuisine where ever I went.

An unspecified customer blog got a mention on Sky News just after Icesave went under. They repeated my blog almost word for word, but sadly no formal credit...

I also got 300 visitors in one day when my turn in the lottery came up and I appeared on the front page of Blogger. I am sure at least 299 0f those visitors left disappointed with my performance in the Williams F1 simulator which was my most recent article at the time.


  1. I am not surprised that a post titled Thai Massage is pretty popular!

    Happy Birthday.