Saturday, 9 February 2008

Restaurant Review: Gandhi's Kennington

Last night I headed over to Kennington to see my friends Ed and Sean. We went for dinner at Gandhi's, having tried the other curry house, The Kennington Tandoori a few months ago.

Some other friends in the area had told me that Gandhi's was much better than the KT. If the better restaurant was chosen solely on the number of pictures of celebrities in the window Gandhi's would win hands down, with such luminaries as Richard and Judy, Geoff Hoon and an ageing picture of Ken Clarke in the window, to name a few.

I would agree with all of the other reviewers that Gandhi's food is far superior. We all thoroughly enjoyed the dishes we ordered, mainly choosing from the House Specialities section of the menu. The meat was tender and succulent and the sauces well balanced and flavoursome. Despite having Kingfisher on tab we opted for a bottle of Muscadet which was excellent value at £11.

Sticking with wine, to finish the evening we bought an excellent bottle of Chilean white and took it back to Ed and Sean's to drink. Very fruity with a hint of elderflour.

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