Sunday, 24 June 2007

Restaurant Review: Memories of Bengal, Cholsey

Decided on Friday that I wanted to escape London for the weekend, so after work on I jumped in the car and drove home to my parents house in Oxfordshire. Exactly the flexibility that I hoped having a car would bring me. Yes I could just have easily come home on the train, but getting back home again on a Sunday afternoon is such a pain........

Spent most of Saturday with my friend Will, pictured above. (Andie wasn't there, but I have decided that every blog needs a picture. This is a photo from when we went on holiday a few years ago, the dramatic Gorge de Verdon is in the background.) Catching up, watching Glastonbury on TV and resolving to go next time!

In the evening we went for dinner at the Memories of Bengal, an Indian restaurant in Cholsey Oxfordshire. I ordered a lamb pasanda and through some miracle they managed to make it exactly the same light yellow colour as the pilau rice. My over-riding memory is of eating a plate of homogeneous pale safron coloured food. Despite how tasty it was I couldn't quite get over the visual experience. Will didn't have the same problem with his chicken Tikka Masala. At least I have an excuse to go back again to improve my memory.....

Four meals out in less than seven days. Very continental, I'm trying to start a cafe culture revolution.

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  1. "continental"?!?! Decadent more like.

    Cheese sandwiches for a week as penance, Mr E.