Monday, 20 October 2008

Restaurant Review: Caminata, Balham

My weekend of Italian food continued with a visit to Caminata, in Balham, for a Sunday dinner with a group of ex-Uni friends.

Caminata is a small cafe / restaurant that opened six months ago. The menu was broad, but in true Gordon Ramsey style stuck to a simple(ish) formula. Starters were twists on bruscheta and for the main courses there were a number of pastas and an extensive pizza menu.

Having gorged the previous night I didn't have a starter. But there were cries of "excellent" from around the table as people ate their bruscheta and they looked pretty good too. For the main course I had a pizza which was reassuringly rustic and square looking - just like the ones I make at home! The slightly odd thing was that they put the salami on my pizza after it had been cooked, the same with Claire's goats cheese. No harm in eating them cold, but it is usual to cook the pizza toppings! The pasta with ragu looked good and got rave reviews.

The chefs special was a double decker pizza. One to try for a day with a bigger appetite!


  1. by the way... bruschetta is spelt with two ts not one as u have done.. seeing as u fancy urself as a bit of an expert and feel the need and the right to 'review' food, perhaps its time u went back to basics and learnt how to write things before u comment on them..

  2. just for ur information.. some toppings such as parma ham and others go on the pizza after it is cooked as they taste better raw than they do cooked

  3. I was going to take offence, but then I couldn't stop laughing.... ;-)

  4. 2 b fare U shud lern to reed n rite b4 u post reviews n evry1 luvs cold cheeze on hot pizza.

  5. surely 'u' is spelt 'you'?
    How can you critcise spelling when you can't write correctly yourself?!

    Think it's a great place. Basic but tasty food. The decor, atmosphere and staff are warm.

  6. Surely 'surely' should be capitalised if it starts the sentence.