Wednesday, 2 January 2008

2008 Predictions

It seems to be fashionable at the moment to put together your 2008 predictions. Capitalists at Work, Iain Dale with his ironic musings and Brockley Central are all at it, to name a few.

Predictions aren't my thing. I'm no good at seeings trends or observing things before others. The only prediction I have so far attempted on this blog, turned out to be utterly wrong.

But Brockley Central's invitation for 2008 predictions for this area we call home got me thinking. But the only thing I could come up with I am too scared to post on the Brockley Central blog for fear of being chased out of the area. It is this: one of Dandelion Blue, Degustation or Shop on the Hill will close. Now I hope I'm wrong. They have all started off small and seem attentive to their customers, hopefully recipes for success. However, odds are on for an economic slow down in 2008 reducing our disposable incomes for luxury items. Although up and coming Brockley is no East Dulwich. (I hope it is a while before we get blogs like this one.) Can we sustain all these trendy new shops, galleries and cafes that seem to be opening?

Let the abuse begin............


  1. Richard that is almost along the lines of the esteemed Mr Blair when he said "I don't make predictions, and I never will".

    When I get sacked, will you finance my greasy spoon enterprise?

  2. Don't compare me to Blair!!

    Definitely sponsor the greasy spoon idea. We'll get the lady from the newsagent in Hammersmith to make us some curry for variety.

  3. Heresy, Richard!

    I think all three will be fine, so long as they offer something sufficiently distinct from one another. I think the local populace is big, wealthy and motivated enough to sustain three small shops, which, between them, have less shelf space than a single aisle in Tesco.

  4. Heresy indeed!

    I hope this doesn't exclude me from the next Brockley Central drinks!

  5. Speaking of drinks, the next Lewisham blogger's meet up are being organised.

    Hope you'll come along.

  6. Darling Richard,

    My blog is satirical - read the small print sweetie! I am in fact a 6 ft 2 inch retired brickie from Penge - sending up the sights I see in West Dulwich... You were not taken in now were you?

  7. Ironic or not, I still don't want a blog like it in Brockley!

  8. Thats it, I am about to start one called Brockleymum - just to upset you. Now, which handbag shall I use???

  9. There is nothing to parody in Brockley so I don't think you will have much luck!