Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Things you realise between Kennington and Brockley on New Years Eve

1. Free public transport isn't much good if there aren't any buses.

2. You can waste an awfully long time waiting at a bus stop for a bus that doesn't arrive.

3. The best / most gaudy Christmas lights I have seen are on No 4 Southampton Way, Camberwell.

4. There is a lot of traffic on the roads. Are they all under the drink drive limit?

5. The walk is an excellent way to break in a new pair of shoes.

6. You'd never have thought that the neon sign outside Venue in New Cross could be an uplifting sight for a weary traveller.

7. I was pleased that it wasn't too cold.


  1. Oh dear! You should have got on the tube and gone to London Bridge!

    That is pretty poor of Ken not to provide a 24 hour 436 service.

  2. I thought about that, but the trains weren't running so I wasn't sure what good London Bridge would have done me.

    Now the East London Line is closed I couldn't have to got to New Cross on the underground either........

  3. The trains were running...or at least the one I got at 2.19 from London Bridge to New Cross was, and the one I heard go by at about half past four...

  4. If only I had known, I thought they weren't running!!!