Friday, 4 January 2008

New Spectacles

I went to the optician today for an eye test. How times have changed. I remember when that chart with all the letters on it in different sizes was a poster, stuck on the back of the door. When technology stepped up a gear it became a light box on the wall next to the door that the optician could switch on and off.

Now the light box has been replaced with some whizzy LCD screen hooked up to a computer that has infinite sizes and combinations of letters. Meaning that you can't confidently read the bottom row from memory. At one point the characters got so small and the lenses so absurd that I couldn't read a thing. The optician was trying to force me to have a go at the top line. And I was meekly trying to point out that I couldn't see a thing. I've never not been able to see any of the letters at the opticians before. I knew my prescription may have got worse, which is why I booked a sight test, but I wasn't sure if I was going blind or it was a cruel trick. I felt quite inferior and a little bit concerned.

UPDATE: I've added a photo of my new glasses for you viewing pleasure! (A pun Clint would be proud of!) Having worn rimless glasses for the last 5 years they are a bit of a change.

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  1. Very stylish!

    My optician still has the same equipment he had when he set up his practice 40 years ago. I don't see any need for new tech though!