Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Restaurant Review: AK Kitchen, Hunter Connection

Recommendations from my Chinese colleague have led to some pretty good meals.

When he told me of a new favourite spot in our regular lunchtime hangout of Hunter Connection I was keen to give it a try. AK Kitchen has opened since the epic Project Hunter I completed just over twelve months ago.

My colleague promised me food just like his mum cooks. It isn't flash, but it is homely and hearty.

Ordering from the hot counter is apparently the thing to do. On my four or five visits, there hasn't been a lot of variation, with only one or two dishes changing each time.

Three choices with soup for $7.50 is great value (not unusual in Hunter). It would be more sensible to go for two choices, but where is the fun in that!

On my most recent visit I selected the beef with radish, mapu tofu and braised eggplant with pork. I enjoyed the braised beef with the soft radishes and I'm always a sucker for cooked eggplant. The simple soups have taken on a more seaweed bent recently. I prefer the egg and tomato soups I had on my first couple of visits.

Be warned, an afternoon food coma is very likely to ensue after a visit to AK Kitchen.

AK Kitchen
Hunter Connection
Hunter St


  1. I can vouch for the eggplant at AK's as I'm a bit of a sucker as well. I usually take lunch pretty late so when I get there the food is packed up in takeaway containers and priced at a very reasonable $5.

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