Monday, 30 April 2012

Going to the dogs @ Wentworth Park

Last Friday night I went to The Dogs at Wentworth Park with some friends from work.

I live only a few hundred meters from the track and despite running round the Wentworth Park pretty regularly, I was beginning to wonder if it was ever open. In my nearly three years of living in Ultimo I don't think I've ever seen it used. I clearly haven't been running past at the right time of day.

The grandstand is huge (I'm not sure if dog racing has ever been that popular) and although looking sparsely populated there were still quite a few people at the races.

The crowd seemed to be divided into two. One half was outside actually watching the races and standing round having a chat. There was a second group inside who appeared to be the more hardcore gamblers. They were watching races from around the country on the TV screens and I'm not sure if any of them actually got outside to see a live race all evening!

I've been to the dogs in Wimbledon (London) once before and it seemed to be a similar vibe. Chicken in a basket, cheap beer and low gambling limits, 50c in the case of Wentworth Park. The only thing missing was the sticky carpets.....

Not a classy night out, but good fun none the less. I even picked up some photography tips from the official photographer on how to capture greyhounds. A bit more practise required when I reviewed my images!

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