Saturday 11 December 2010

Galtaji, Rajasthan

Q: Where are all the women in India?
A: They're all at Galtaji

Galtaji was quite possible the highlight of my trip to India. While all of the tourist sites we visited were great, I loved the raw emotion of India that we saw on display at the Temple of Galtaji a short drive from Jaipur. It was one of the few times that as tourists we were allowed to fade into the background (instead of being seen as walking cash machines) and the raw emotion of the pilgrimage took over.

India's streets were noticeable for a lack of women. It wasn't that they were totally absent, or those that we did see being completely covered up. It's just that there weren't very many women compared with the number of men you saw out and about.

Galta was a riot of colourful sarees and women acting in a completely uninhibited way as they sought to splash or bath in the holy waters. In some cases stripping off in front of men that weren't relatives and the odd camera wielding tourist.

I loved it.

All of my Rajasthan photos are here.


  1. One of my highlights too, an extremely beautiful place partly because it was very quiet. Though oddly it does seem to be more favoured by women.

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