Wednesday 6 February 2013

Restaurant Review: Goodmans, Canary Wharf

The Goodman Burger

It's rapidly coming round to a year that I've been back in London and shamefully there are still a few people I haven't caught up with since my return from Australia. I hadn't seen Olivier since our trip to  Costa Rica back in 2008. I have a better excuse with Olivier than most as he lives in Geneva. He came to London for a conference last week and it was great to catch up with him. There was quite a lot of catch up to do!

We decided to check out Goodman in Canary Wharf, an American Steakhouse. I liked the decor inside Goodman with the dark wood and high backed leather benches. They've fitted out what could have been an identikit space in a modern building into something that reminded me a little of Roots Steakhouse in New Jersey. Not bad for somewhere claiming to be bringing New York steakhouses to London.

Rocket and Parmesan salad

We both opted to have the Goodman Burger (£15) which my colleague had tipped as one of the best in London.  A big call and one that I can't wholly agree with. Everything around the burger was great. The chips were both crunchy and fluffy. The bacon was thin, crisp and fabulously smokey. 

The pattie was just a little disappointing for me. I'd ordered the burger medium and it came well done and there was something in the texture that prevented it reaching the top league of burgers. It didn't melt in your mouth like a good burger should and I found it slightly 'springy'. I think the meat was either too coarsely ground or they hadn't used a high enough fat content for that perfect melting texture. It didn't stop me from demolishing it though.

After three and a half years away from the UK I am still getting mini 'culture shocks' every now and again as things I expect to see have changed. After leaving Goodman I headed towards South Quay DLR station to head home only to find it had vanished! A station isn't something you expect to disappear and it was a little disorientating. After a quick 360 I spotted it over the road and a little further east. It turns out I'm not going mad, the station did move back in 2009.
Goodman Canary Wharf
3 South Quay
E14 9RU
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