Thursday, 28 April 2011

Restaurant Review: Twisted Noodle, Haymarket

Great noodles. A little more attention to detail and it could be perfect.

After the success of the Peking duck at Lao Zhao in Enflield I take recommendations from my Chinese colleague seriously. He's recently been making a bee line for Twisted Noodle on Dixon St for it's authentic Yunnan noodles. I still don't know exactly what Yunnan cuisine is, but think chilli and pickled vegetables and you heading in the right direction.

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It was a hot day (hard to remember what they are like after the weekend of rain) so I decided to order an iced peach tea. I'm not a fan of the lane way fad for serving beer in jam jars, but somehow this glass come jar didn't offend me. The straw definitely helped. My first slurp resulted in a mouthful of strong black tea, which wasn't what I was hoping for. However, after a good stir the tea mellowed into the background and peach flavours came out.

The menu contains a range of noodle dishes. You select your noodles and then opt for chilli and sourness levels. Rather than the conventional mild, medium and hot you are slightly confusingly asked to indicate small, medium or large. Nothing to do with the size of your bowl of noodles, rather how much the hand slips with the chilli.

I decided upon the Yunnan Noodles, small chilli and medium sourness.  A big bowl of noodles containing beef, mushrooms and half a boiled egg. Fried Chinese sausage and a crispy chicken wing were served on the side. Despite ordering small chilli the noodles were a bit on the spicy side for me. The sourness comes in the form of picked vegetables added to the soup.

I would have preferred more sour to balance the heat. My dining companion also opted for medium sourness and definitely had more pickled vegetables in their soup. A annoying inconsistency. The flavoured breadcrumbs on the chicken wing made it one of the highlights.

Pretty good for $12 a bowl.

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