Wednesday 4 May 2011

Restaurant Review: Toan Thang, Flemington

Rather than bringing back fond memories of childhood, the Dagwood Dogs and Cheese on a stick available at the Easter Show instilled me with artery induced fear. Wishing to stave off a heart attack, we decided to head to Flemington for something to eat before going into the show.

A quick survey of twitter led me to Toan Thang. A Vietnamese restaurant that had a long queue forming, even though it was before midday. We ordered three huge dishes to share between five of us, and all left content. The servings really were that big.

As I looked around the restaurant I was the only whitey in a sea of Asian faces. Love it.

There was photo gold at the table next to me with a middle aged Vietnamese man slurping his noodles. Unfortunately my discreet attempts to take a photo ended in failure. Fortuitously it was just blurred photos and not me getting a thump!

First up was the crispy skin chicken with vermicelli noodles. The chicken had a good flavour. The accompanying chilli sauce coated the noodles and added a nice dimension. It was a contrast in texture to get a refreshing bite of cucumber.

Our second dish was the fried pork chop with egg noodles. In many ways a similar dish to the chicken, having the same accompanying chilli sauce.

Finally we had a beef Pho. It wasn't the finest Pho you'll taste in Sydney and needed some hoi sin and chilli sauces to take it up a notch.

Stonking value at $26 dollars for all of us, while not being the best Vietamese food you'll eat, it was far better than anything we could have eaten at the Easter Show.

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