Sunday, 4 October 2009

Riding the Yellow Banana

I've been missing cycling on my excellent Specialized Sirrus that I used to commute on in the UK. Missing it so much that I decided to buy myself a bike here in Australia.

Logic would dictate that I should have bought another hybrid bike very similar to the Sirrus and I should probably have also considered a second hand bike as I won't be using it daily. However, I put all rational thought aside!

I decided that I wanted to get a bike to compliment my Sirrus so that when I get back to the UK I have two different bikes for different purposes. I've also had a secret yearning for a while to own a road bike and to try out cycling shoes where you clip into the pedals.

I started doing a bit of research on bikes here in Australia and US imports (Scott, Trek, Specialised and Giant etc...) are really expensive compared to America or the UK. I discovered Cell Bikes during my research which is an Aussie brand of bike. If you believe they hype, they buy frames from the same factories in China/Taiwan as the big brands and them assemble here in Oz, giving you an equivalent bike at a lower price.

I went to the store last week to check out some of their different bikes and returned yesterday to make a purchase. Armed with some advice from my friend Olivier to check the stiffness of the frame. I was intending to buy a Blade, but they didn't have my frame size. Despite insistence from the salesman that I would have been ok with the frame size below, I didn't feel comfortable during the test ride. After a bit of agonising (and negotiating) I decided to get the model above which is the Swift.

When I described the bike to my friend Penne she replied "so we're going to see you ride a yellow banana?" I think I've just found my new bike a name.

I've already had a small mishap that I will update you on in an subsequent post.

P.S. In Australia the concept of getting a discount for cash seems to be a real negotiating possibilty. When I decided that I wanted the bike I asked "can you give my a discount for cash if I buy the bike right now?" and I got nearly $200 off. Can you do this in the UK?


  1. Love the yellow is so yesterday. Looking forward to the actual review of the riding...

  2. Certainly looks good. At least you won't have to wear hi-viz in winter! Also glad that returning to the uk is on your long-term agenda :-)

    As for discounts the UK economy seems to have stopped dead so anything is possible for people willing to shell out.

  3. Riding the yellow banana? Didn't we see a show like this in Pattaya?

    Nice mate! Some would call it garish. Well, we'll see who's laughing when they get knocked over on a dark road one evening.

    hehe. Just kidding. Wish i had one!

  4. We saw lots of wierd stuff in Pattaya, but I'm not sure the yellow banana was one of them...

  5. Good stuff Mate!! What about the pedals? Are they Shimano 105?
    Hope to see you on the next Tour Down Under now.
    PS: Please make sure you put something on the chain stay to protect the paint before you go for a ride

  6. Certainly looks good.But no idea on the other stuff.