Wednesday, 19 September 2007

By popular request

At the request of Sean here is a pic of my actual bike. Mud guards, panniers, lights and a locked all fitted, with a helmet thrown in. Fully loaded for the cycle across America!

Update: My mystery poster was my friend Olivier. His written English was so good it took me a few goes to realise it was him. And he thinks he isn't bilingual!


  1. I thought it was me who requested a picture of the real thing.... Anyway, I have to admit you seem to have a good taste for bikes. It looks really nice. You must also be feeling as if you were flying when you ride it, especially after having riden an old wreck for years...

  2. Looks good!

    Does it have oldskool gears or those nifty modern ones where you back-pedal to change gear and/or brake?

  3. Ok, I'm confused. Who is anonymous?

    Ed - brakes are shimano handle bar opperated ones.

  4. I'm suprised you could not place me so far, I thought my english would give me away. Here is a furher clue for you: I do commute on a bike as well.

  5. You got me mate!