Sunday, 11 October 2009


Regular readers will have heard the grumblings about my laptop this year which I think is on it's last legs.

Last week it took another turn for the worse. One evening I downloaded a few podcasts, a TV show and installed the latest version of Messanger, and noticed that my hard drive was virtually full. I didn't get any warning messages, and everything seemed fine, but I made a mental note to move some files onto my external hard drive next time I fired up the computer.

The next time I turned on my PC it was moving at a snails pace. I have painfully managed to delete some files, defragment the hard drive and run a virus scanner. However, it still takes 10-15mins to open an application or do anything. I've decided that when I go back to the UK (and get my recovery disk) I am going to completely format the hard drive and try a re-install. If that doesn't work I will have to buy a new laptop.

The most annoying thing is that my wifi network went down in sympathy. Without my PC I can't reset it. A shame as my iPod Touch would have been handy for getting online while at home. The trials of modern technology.......


  1. You can get very decent laptop-lites now for a couple of hundred quid. I suggest you invest.

  2. I think a couple of hundred quid to reset my wireless modem might be a bit steep.

    I haven't decided what my replacement strategy will be yet, but it could well involve a Netbook. Might well be the subject of another post! ;-)

  3. What's the point of a wireless network if your laptop is dead??

    It's several years old and Dells don't last forever. Invest in something shiny and new, you know you want to :-)

  4. Finally died eh? Proper workhorse...though I suspect once you reinstall it'll keep you going for another 6 months at least...almost certainly just a software issue.

  5. @JD - I have the definiely feeling it is software related. I am hoping a re-install and RAM upgrad for 20 quid will save me 500 GBP on a new PC.

    (It is very annoyng being a keyboard with no pound sign.)