Saturday, 21 June 2008

Baseball: Newark Bears

Last night I went to see a Newark Bears baseball game with Pen and Clint, for Pen's birthday. The Bears won convincingly 10-1. I'm beginning to get into baseball and we saw several home runs and a couple of double plays.

I got a free baseball (pictured) when we arrived at the ground and the evening was completed with a fireworks display, billed as the best in New Jersey!

1 comment:

  1. Ah Ricardo you are getting into baseball in the States just before you leave.

    But while you get into 'manly' rounders you are missing out on the endless debate back here in blighty about the rise of twenty20 and the future of 50-over one-day matches. And this is not even mentioning the controversy over switch-hitting and the reverse-stance.

    When you get back it'll be like "when I left for the new world, a man couldn't approach the crease and reverse his stance before the bowler had arrived at his release stride. What is the world coming too".

    You left at a time of peace and tranquillity and return to a world upside down.

    PS. Glad you got your shirts back.