Wednesday, 18 June 2008


Tipping is such a minefield in America. Everyone I know seems to struggle with it. I have been mostly hanging out with expat friends since I arrived and, even though several of them have been here for two years, they still get confused. Some of the locals I know still struggle with the etiquette sometimes.

I haven't been tipping my dry cleaner. There is no tips jar in the shop and if you pay by card there is no room to leave a tip on the cheque. I thought I was safe. However, the last couple of times my dry cleaning has been a day later than promised when I dropped it of. Now I don't have a clean shirt for tomorrow. Am I being given a message???

UPDATE: My dry cleaning didn't arrive again today. It is now 24 hrs late and I am beginning to think they may have eaten it.

UPDAYE II: Dry cleaning finally recovered, three days late. Not before I had to wear a distinctly "Friday" shirt to the office today.


  1. Maybe you haven't been tipping the concierges enough and they are holding it hostage!

  2. I was told you only had to give your concierge a Christmas tip and therefore should probably be safe on that one, but it is such a minefield you never know.....