Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Walk Off The Earth @ The Forum

On Saturday night I went to a Walk Off The Earth gig at The Forum in Kentish Town. Walk off the Earth were a random YouTube discovery via a friend in Oz. Their videos all have great vocals and the best ones are where they do something innovative in their performance like five people playing one guitar.

My favourite track is the video of Trouble above. Have a watch.

Before the gig we went for dinner at Pizza East. I tried to organise dinner at their Shoreditch branch not long after I got back from Australia. I can't remember exactly what happened, but I think I arranged it for a day when I was away which wasn't great planning! Ten months later and I made it to their new(ish) Kentish Town outpost.

Their wood fired pizzas are probably the best I've had in London and reasonably priced too. Definitely worth trying.

After dinner we had a quick drink and then it was off to the gig. Air cannons and giant ballons thrown into the audience gave the concert a slight retro feel. I thought the gig might have been all of their new music, but they played the big YouTube hits too.

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