Monday, 8 April 2013


When a friend offered me tickets to the recording of the Radio 4's Sketchorama on Thursday I was initially hesistant. Then I realised there hasn't been enough Yes Man in my life recently, at which point the only thing to do was say Yes!

I haven't been to the recording of a radio show before. Unsurprisingly they don't bother putting too much effort into the set with just a couple of Radio 4 signs on an otherwise bare stage. Radio does afford certain benefits though with host Thom Tuck swilling from a can of beer during the recording.

We saw three sketch groups performing on the night: So On and So Forth, That Pair and Sheeps. Each act performed for around thirty minutes each. My favourite group of the night were That Pair, a musical duo from Essex. They started with a parody of the celebrity fitness video and went onto perform a couple of extra songs they had written.

I was surprised how visual all of the humour the groups used was and it will be interesting to hear how it translates to radio.

It was a fun and alternate evening. Do you think I could get tickets for the News Quiz?

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