Sunday 14 April 2013

Restaurant Review: Hix Oyster and Chophouse, Farringdon

Just before Easter I had dinner with two school friends Joel and Rob. Our previous meet ups have generally followed a similar pattern. A quick drink at the pub followed by dinner at Pizza Express.

The routine seemed set, so when I emailed suggesting a catch up the key question was where we'd meet for a pint first. I was pleasantly surprised when the question of dinner was raised and Hix in Farringdon suggested. The dinner venue might have changed but the conversation stayed pretty familiar, with my relationship status getting a grilling.

Joel and I both ordered the Hanger steak with baked bone marrow (£19.95). Our waitress encouraged us to order it medium rare and it duly arrived suitably pink. I had a bit of trouble cutting my steak at first, only to realise I had the knife upside down, a mistake I made a few times during the meal. It wasn't the best handle design or is that a bad workman blaming his tools?

I was expecting a piece of unadorned bone marrow, but what we got was more like a parsley and bone marrow stuffing. It worked better than straight bone marrow would have done, helping to break up the richness.

We ordered three sides of heritage potatoes, sprouting broccoli and mushrooms (£4.25 each). All of them were tasty, but I thought they could have been a bit more generous in size for the money.

For desert I ordered the rice pudding, with Joel and Rob ordering the banana fritters and treacle tart respectively (£7.25). The rice pudding with a touch of rhubard was good, but just like the sides I thought it could have been more generous for the price.

I've added Hix to my map of London reviews.

The photo and recipe for the Hangar Steak and Bone Marrow can be found on the Independent website.

36-37 Greenhills Rents

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