Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Running in New York

I was lucky enough to be sent on a quick three day work trip to New York last week. I packed my running gear as I was keen to run in warmer weather than the chilly easterly winds that were battering the UK as I left. Heading out for a run would also burn off the calorie onslaught that a trip to the US invariable entails!

On my first morning my jet lag has me up at 5am. I read online that Central Park didn't open until 6am (although I don't think it ever really closes) so ironed my shirts before strapping on my running shoes and heading for the 10km outer loop of the park.

I jogged past a police car on my way into the park and saw a pack of cyclists as I joined the Grand Drive loop. The park was busy for 6am on a Wednesday morning with runners and cyclists using the park.

The run was hillier than I expected with quite a few undulations sapping my jet lagged legs. I was pleased to spot some water fountains on my way round that I was able to grab a quick drink from. A local runner told me that they'd only just turned the fountains back on after shutting them off during winter.
On the Thursday morning I decided to run along the Hudson river after it was suggested as a good route by a fellow runner from the office. As I joined the river from the city I saw a US Navy Aircraft Carrier docked in New York. I ran south down towards Battery Park. The Hudson River park is enjoyable, but the rest of the run was pretty dull running alongside the cars on 12th Avenue. I'm fairly sure I spotted the High Line at one point, but it was other side of a busy road and I didn't fancy risking life and limb to investigate. Definitely one for next time. Sadly the water fountains along the Hudson hadn't been turned on for spring yet.

On my final morning I decided to do a second run around Central Park. The park was a lot quieter on my second visit and I only counted eight cyclists going past me, instead of the large pace groups that were flying round on Wednesday morning.

My heart rate was much lower the second time around the park (I think it must have been the jet lag) and was able to enjoy views of the lakes, museums and large brownstones which surround the park a lot more.

I'm pleased to report that I represented the UK well during my runs in NY and wasn't over taken once on any of my three runs!

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  1. Sounds glorious. I've never done it but I wonder if Hyde Park is pleasant for running first thing?

    Also, I REALLY want to go to the High Line next time I am in NYC.