Monday, 19 December 2011

Marrickville Markets

Marrickville Market has been on my to do list for a while. The markets are located in a  transportation black hole which hasn't helped my cause in getting there. When a friend offered me a lift today I was quick to take them up on their offer.

The moment I stepped into the market I could tell that it had a great vibe. Markets to me are supposed to be eclectic and frankly a bit random. Just to show Marrickville could mix it with the best of them there was a stall selling socks wedged between fresh fruit and veg on one side and dim sum on the other. "I'll have two pairs of medium black sock, a hand of bananas and three steamed pork bun please!"

You don't think someone has been stealing milk crates do you?

There wasn't a consistent theme to the market, with the food coming from all regions. Lots of the stalls didn't even seem to have names which I thought was a refreshing change. No brands trying to push themselves on you. Some looked like they were being run by a couple of friends who had been doing a spot of baking at home.

More than just a market it seemed to be a destination. There were tables where you could sit and relax. We spent a bit of time lounging near the chai tent and watching people slip by.

There were a couple of musicians keeping people entertained too.

Admittedly I didn't buy a lot, but it was nice to have a mooch round. Hopefully I'll make it back someday. Or bribe my friend with another fresh coconut into giving me a lift...


  1. I took the bus there a couple of times but it's easier for me to walk to Eveleigh markets. I do think they have good stuff, though.

  2. I still haven't been to these markets even though my niece lives about 100m away.

  3. @lateraleating - I think Everleigh are lovely markets, but they are quite expensive. You could even say pretentious? Marrickville seem to be 'keeping it real'.

    @MissPiggy - visit your niece. There really is no excuse!

  4. Everyone likes a coconut drink especially with an umbrella in it- happy bribing!

  5. Looks good, no pics of the stalls?

  6. I love Marrickville Markets. First discovered them when visiting another fave of my, Reverse Garbage.

  7. I've only been there a couple of times due to its location and being about 1/2 hr walk away. Always love sniffing through Reverse Garbage!

  8. @BE - I had the wrong camera lens with me, too many crowds and in truth I was too busy eating the free samples!

    @Sara & John - I didn't make it into Reverse Garbage. An excuse to go back!