Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Project Hunter: Week 6

Those of you that have been following Project Hunter will have realised that it's a primarily Asian food court. That changed this week in a series of food I didn't really want to eat, but I've got to live by the rules I made for myself!

The week started with a roast beef sandwich ($9.20 for a foot long) from Subway. It was incredibly bland with the only flavour coming from the pickles and honey & mustard dressing. It's the second most expensive lunch I've ordered and represents the worst value. I should have only ordered the half sub.

Confronted with another day of sandwiches I chose the Aussie classic Chicken Schnitzel ($7.80) from EJ Cafe. It was a lot better than Subway the day before, but could have been toasted for longer to melt the cheese a bit more. It was a monster sandwich and I felt stuffed afterwards.

Friday saw me visit Michel's Patisserie. Confronted by a selection of pies and cakes I went for another Top Aussie classic, the steak and onion pie ($4.50). There was surprisingly decent short crust pastry surrounding the pie. Deciding this wasn't enough for lunch I cheated slightly and bought a big berry combo smoothie ($5)  from Pure Juice and Soup from just outside of Hunter. Overly sweet it wasn't a patch on the Boost Juices that are my smoothie of choice.

Thankfully back to some more Asian food stalls next week.


  1. I was wondering whether you'd end up at Subway. You could well be the first person in the country to blog about it!

  2. mmm i love a chicken schnitzel sandwich! gonna have a hunt around world square for one for my project lunch series hehe

  3. Subway really sucks, doesn't it. And I find it truly depressing that Subway is one of the most successful franchises in human history. The sandwich is a thing of beauty, and yet people pay good money for it to be ruined by a global blandcorp.

    Richard, I am mystified by the amount of spam comments you attract!!!

  4. @BE - unfortunately I have somehow got onto a spam bot hit list. I come under attack for about an hour a week. Thankfully Blogger has mad it easy for your to delete them all in a single hit.