Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Project Hunter: Week 3

Welcome to week three of Project Hunter, a little bit of fun as I graze my way round the Hunter Connection food court.

I started the week with the cheapest lunch I've had so far, a Vietnamese chicken roll ($4) from Phuong BBQ. Sandwiches were my lunchtime staple in the UK, but eating the chicken roll I realised it was only the first or second time I've had a sandwich for lunch since moving to Sydney. Full of salad and Vietnamese goodness it was pretty tasty, but I do prefer a hot lunch now.

Next up was crispy pork, chilli chicken, pak choi and steamed rice ($6.50) from Yi's Kitchen. This was my second visit to Yi's. On the first visit I had the wonton noodle soup and this even inspired me to make wontons at home for the first time. On this visit I choose three selections from the hot counter. The deep fried pork was good but incredibly unhealthy, the chicken full of bones and fiddly to eat, and the pak choi cold. Average food court fayre, but nothing special.

My final trip to Hunter of the week saw me visit Manna Healthy Chef. I enquired what the purple rice was, to be told that it was healthy multi-grain. When I asked for the healthy choice, the girl serving looked at the whitey suspiciously and offered me half multi-grain and half fried rice. I took this as more of an instruction than an offer and duly agreed. Accompanying the rice was fried greens, chilli tofu and stir fried beef. I enjoyed the food and will probably visit again once the challenge is over. I'm not sure if I agree the Healthy Chef label though.

*Only three visits to Hunter as a public holiday and work commitments got in the way.
**The links are to reviews by my friend John. There aren't any official website for food court joints!


  1. Still doing the rounds then? I cooked with that red rice at home once and was amazed at the colour of the water it was boiling in. Thanks for the link ups!

  2. haha love this project im totally doing project world square!

  3. @ John - I've cooked black sticky rice at home befoe, but the 'multi-grain' rice seemed to be a bit different. Not something I've tried before.

    @Chocolatesuze - I'm looking forward to reading about the World Square project!

  4. I should post up my Project Macquarie! Haha I keep taking snaps of the lunches and places I've tried and have had this idea for a while just have been lazy to do it! After 2 years working next door to Macquarie Centre I still think I havn't tried everything yet!

  5. Completely off topic: I was given some squid ink risotto rice by my mother when she went to Italy. Any idea whether it is available in London?

  6. Not something I've ever brought in London. Maybe try an Italian deli like Carluccio's?

  7. Oh dear, if I tried Project Hunter over the years, I think I'd have about 5 places only. It's hard to get away from habit ;)