Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Project Hunter: Weeks 4&5

I'm over half way through Project Hunter. A work trip down to Melbourne and a busy few days meant that I only managed to eat in Hunter once during week four, so I'm combining weeks four and five into a single post.

I have now eaten at fourteen of the food stalls. This week saw me visit all new places that I haven't been to before.
My only trip to Hunter in week four saw me buy a bento box ($8) from Sushi Nagashima. This place comes across as being very authentically Japanese. There is a sushimi counter where you can select different fish to create your own sushimi platter. This is probably what I should have done, but instead I went for a chicken bento box. A nice selection of food, not quite sure the pasta and red kidney beans are particularly Japanese....

Next door is Organic Produce where I picked up an organic Thai red chicken curry ($9.50). This is probably the most expensive dish on sale in Hunter, albeit by not by a huge margin. They don't offer you a plate even if you eat in. The curry was nice with two tender chicken legs, but it tasted like they were using paste from a jar so it wasn't anything particularly special.

I'm not sure if the final two stalls are part of the main Hunter food court or not. They are in a little annex at the southern end, physically separated by a retractable glass door and with different staff cleaning the tables. However, this is my challenge and I've ruled they are included.

I had my second beef Pho ($7) of the challenge from Pho Na Noi. They have a selection of six or seven different types of Pho. I enjoyed the broth and there was a generous amount of beef. I can see myself ordering this again.

My final visit to Hunter of the week saw me order stir fried vegetables, black pepper pork and tender beef ($6.50) from Top One Kitchen. There was eager and friendly service and they seemed to have a band of regular followers who were making a beeline for the out of the way stall. I found the black pepper pork quite one dimensional in flavour, but the other two dishes were good. I thought Top One provided the best value for money I've had so far.

I found this article in the SMH slating Pho Ha Noi and Top One for their food hygiene. I didn't get ill, so hopefully they've reformed their ways!


  1. Had lunch at one of the Korean places in the Hunter last week & couldn't eat the fried chicken as it was sour in the middle. Tasted a bit rancid. Don't remember what the name was but its a few place up from Bangkok Wok. I also read that Hong Hai Noodle Bar has had warnings from the health dept quite a while back

  2. I LOVE the Organic Produce Cafe (if it's the same one as in Surry Hills and they also have a spot at Bondi Westfield). Next time try their protein salad and the dandelion latte, Delicious!!

  3. I think they are part of the chain. Once I've finished the challenge I'll go back for the Protein Salad and let you know what I think!