Tuesday, 6 April 2010

I am three! Happy Birthday to my blog!

My blog turns three years old today, which is a fair age in blogging terms! In the last twelve months the blog has been filled with stories of my travels in Australia. I actually fell out of love for a while with the blog last June / July, but have been posting with a vengeance again in the last few months.

Thank you to everyone who has visited the blog in the last year. Virtually every post now receives a comment, for which I am very grateful.

The top ten most read articles on the site this year are below:
1. BBC iPlayer vs 4OD - my top post for the second year in a row. Which is actually rather embarrassing considering the poor state of the article. Shows there is a need out there if anyone wants to fill it.
2. Thai Massage - my second most popular post again this year.
3. Cooking oven baked sausages - I blogged a few recipes for the first time last year which have proved surprisingly popular.
4. Cooking chicken and leek pie - this was a great and not too complicated recipe.
5. Cycling across America - nothing more than a link to my friend Sean's blog. He completed the ride, but sadly gave up blogging part of the way through.
6. Bangkok fashion: Eye enlarging contact lenses - a craze sweeping the nation. Do you think they'd suit me?
7. What does SOHO stand for? - educating the masses.
8. Restaurant Review: Memories of Bengal - I'm no longer the only review on the web of Cholsey's finest curry house, but the crowds keep on coming.
9. David Thompson, Thai Street Food - the only book launch I attended in 2009.
10. Restaurant Review: Caminata Balham - sneaking into the top ten for the second year in a row.

Also deserving of a mention is my short paragraph on the BBQ in Pyrmont Park I went to in November. Without fail I receive one new comment every day. The only problem is that they are in Japanese so I have no idea what is going on!

By far the largest number of my visitors come from search engine traffic, there are also loyal band of readers who turn up regularly direct on the site. A special thank you to my top three referrers: Behind Blue Eyes, Distant Thunder Whisky Club and Thailand Musings.


  1. Yay for three years of blogging! Well done :)

  2. happy birthday! your post about the BBQ in Pyrmont is quite funny. you can translate the text somewhat in Babelfish although it doesn't make much sense but it comes up with a lot of 'clutching' and 'mustard'. very weird :-)

  3. @Christine - thanks for stopping by.

    @Simon - I hadn't thought of using a translation tool, that's a good idea!

  4. Congratulations on the anniversary!

  5. @Jessica - thanks for the comment!