Saturday, 23 May 2009

Restaurant Review: Siagon Siagon, Sydney

Tonight I went to the Vietnamese restaurant Saigon Saigon in Glebe with Pen and Clint.

When we arrived at the restaurant the great smells and the sizzling hot plates fizzing from various tables immediately hit me. I also admired the simple but stylish decor. The walls were painted bright red and the ceiling was covered in matching red lanterns.

We started with a mixed platter to share. Chicken satay, tasty grilled king prawns and rice paper rolls. Sadly I was less enthused when the main courses arrived. We shared a duck curry, which I thought was a bit bland. Neither the curry sauce nor the duck was very tasty.

The seafood hot pot was my pick of the main courses and contained prawns, scallops and squid. Arriving a bit late was a fried pork chop that came with a chilli dipping sauce. The pork reminded me of the dishes I was used to eating in Thailand a couple of months ago, simple but somehow more than the sum of its parts.

I haven't been out to eat for a while and maybe I was expecting too much, but overall I was a little disappointed. For the price I think you can get much better food in Sydney.

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