Thursday, 21 May 2009

Blog Tinkering: Part II

Everything has been quiet since my last spurt of enthusiasm and the changes I made to my blog template.

The eagle eyed amongst you will have noticed that last week a new header (known as a NavBar) was added to the site containing hyperlinks to groups of related articles on the site e.g. Friends, Restaurant Reviews and Travel News.

To get all of the code I used the helpful Tips for New Bloggers website. However, I am unhappy with the depth of the NavBar and would like to make it a bit smaller so that it takes up less room at the top of the blog. Unfortunately I can't find out how to do this despite searching. The Tips for New Bloggers site did have some useful interaction and question answering, but my plea for help has gone unanswered and I noticed there has been no activity on the site since October 2007.

Does anyone know how to do it?

UPDATE: As Blue Eyes has pointed out in the comments, if I want anyone to help me reduce the depth of the bar I should probably say how I made it! The answer is that I added the Blogger HTML/Java script Widget and then inserted my own code. My code is not controlling the size, it is the Blogger default that I am looking to change.

UPDATE II: I sent a query to BloggerStop and BloggingWithSuccess with my query. To their great credit both of them got back to me within 24hrs. BloggingWithSuccess put their suggestion in the comments too. I went with this solution, setting the padding to 1px. Hopefully everything looks a bit better now.


  1. I like the idea of it but it is too deep as you say and also even on my largeish screen the text wraps to the next line.

    I can't offer any constructive help because I have no idea how you installed it!

  2. @ BE - I have reduced the spacing between the hyperlinks. Hopefully this will prevent the wrap around.

    I am going to see if I can find out how to reduce the depth, otherwise I might remove the links.

  3. Email me the javascript code and I will have a quick look. No promises on success though!

  4. Ritchie, I'm going to fiddle with DTWC this weekend as well...except this time I mean it...will give you the code if I can replicate SPM.

  5. Hi, I'm a team member at BloggingWithSuccess (on WP) but I have a blogspot blog. Here's the problem:
    1)It's the blog description styling "For friends, musings, restaurant reviews and travel news." that sets too much space above your newnavbar menu list.It sets a fixed padding space of 40px from the end of the header element. The navbar is the following sub element so it starts after 40px. Just reduce that to something like 15px or less. Find this spot in your template html:

    #header .description {
    display: block;
    margin: 0 1%;
    padding: 0 0 40px;

    *** the padding attributes are in short hand with the first being the top (0), then right side (0), then bottom (40), lastly left side (omitted, defaults).
    P.S. my pet peeve is sites that don't respond to questions and calls for help! I'll send my email for any followup and a link to a post to help with menu button styling.

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