Monday, 25 May 2009

Restaurant Review: Bills, Sydney

This morning I was very kindly taken to Bills by Pen and Clint for a belated birthday present. It's the third time that I have been to Bills, but both previous trips have been to Darlinghurst restaurant. This morning we went to the upmarket suburb of Woollahra.

Bills is iconic for it's breakfasts. Having previous eaten the scrambled eggs and sweetcorn fritters, this morning I decided to try the bircher muesli. I enjoy a good bircher and was inspired to choose it after Dave on my last visit (two years ago) described it as "the best bircher muesli I have ever eaten".

The verdict: good, but not the best bircher muesli I have eaten. I think that accolade is currently held by the Mandarin Oriental in Tokyo. Not enough apple and I felt the sourness of the dollop of yogurt on top of the muesli didn't quite go with the creaminess of the bircher. (I'm being harsh on food this weekend.)

Pen had the ricotta hotcakes which looked great and were light and fluffy from the little corner I tasted. Clint has the scrambled eggs which were also impossibly light. I think the scrambled eggs are the pick of the menu for me and rather than seeking to try something new each time I go; next time I will be eating the scrambled eggs.


  1. I have to say I don't "get" these smartened up cereal dishes. If I was paying full whack for a cooked breakfast I would want bacon, sausages, eggs, etc.. Muesli I can make for myself.

  2. I hear ya Richie.

    I'm a big fan of the Bircher myself, and I've been known to picky about it as well.

    Maximilian had his idea and I respect any breaky place that attempts it. Most of the time it is good- but sometimes they miss it.

    Dare I say it- even Bill perhaps.