Thursday, 28 May 2009

More than a passing resemblance

Is this Saturday's edition of Australia's Sydney Morning Herald or the UK's The Daily Telegraph?

When I first saw the SMH I was shocked how the typeface and design passed more than a passing resemblance to The Telegraph. They even share some articles. A quick Google informed me that Conrad Black used to own both of them.


  1. that Sirius Black's brother? I didn't realise they were Canadian?

  2. Black owned it a long time ago though. I think both papers are reflecting a very similar design trend across world papers about 2-3 years ago for large broadsheets. They felt the need to justify why they are using such a large format, when everyone else was thinking small. So hence the large billboard approach to the sections.

    Broadsheets don't have much cut through these days at all. Or newspapers full stop (except the new Guardian, which is an amazing piece of design).

    Having said all of that, it's also the power of the same typeface that both the Telegraph and SMH uses, which is called Transport (or DINN if you are precious).

    I'm going now.