Friday, 2 January 2009

Lego for grown ups: A RAM upgrade

My dad has been complaining about his slow computer. I went onto Crucial's website and ran a scan of his PC. The website tells you how much RAM the computer currently has, what capacity there is to upgrade the PC and exactly what to order. Very helpful and efficient.

I bought additional memory from Funky Giraffe, run by my old school friend Sarah.

I installed the new RAM, and then the computer wouldn't turn on. I took the memory out and put the old stuff back in. Nothing. At this point I began to panic mildly that I had broken my dad's laptop.

My dad installed the memory and it worked first time like a dream. Embarrassingly I spent two summers working in a computer factory as a uni student. Sarah reminded me that while I was working in the factory I dropped a computer, so perhaps I'm not a natural...

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  1. I thought I had broken Sean's PC when I tried to put a new hard drive in it!