Monday, 5 January 2009

Clothes Recycling

I've decided to have a bit of a turn out before I go travelling. Choosing what to pack, and de-clutter for my flatmates while I'm gone.

I'm intending to get rid of quite a few clothes. Some idle investigation of clothes recycling leads me to believe there are three options.

Donate your clothes to a Charity Shop for them to re-sell
I've actually had a few friends who have been told that there clothes aren't wanted! I don't own any designer labels and the clothes I'm intending to get rid of are are a bit "worn in".

Give your clothes to a charity for emergency relief zones
I think everyone knows the drill here. You donate clothes to a charity and they fly them somewhere in the world where they are needed.

Your clothes are broken down and the fibres are re-used
This one was new to me. Apparently your clothes can be broken down and the cotton fibres re-spun and made into something new.

I think Options 2 & 3 are ones for me. The clothes I'm intending to get rid might not be the height of fashion, but are still in pretty decent condition. They are mainly 100% cotton or wool.

Is the charity bin in the supermarket carpark a safe bet?

Books are a lot less complicated, Oxfam welcome them with open arms.

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  1. Interesting question. When I got rid of a load of stuff a while back I stuck an advert on Gumtree in the hope that my stuff would find a good home. No idea where it ended up, but there is a thriving "market" in unwanted stuff.