Sunday, 3 August 2008

Car Troubles

While in America I left my car with my parents for safe keeping. I brought it back to London a couple of weeks ago to find someone occupying the allocated parking space that comes with my flat. Deciding that two wrongs didn't make a right I didn't pinch anyone elses space and parked on the road.

A couple of days later when I got back from work I realised that someone had hit the back of my car. Breaking the light and putting a dent and scratch in the boot. The person who did the damage didn't leave their details. I suspect that it might have been a bin lorry as the dent was so high up on the car.

I have been left doubly frustrated. If my space wasn't occupied then my car wouldn't have been on the road and in harms way. I am also annoyed that the person who did the damage drove off and didn't leave their contact details, meaning that I will be out of pocket when it isn't even my fault!

Blue Eyes has made a few posts recently on people taking personal responsibility for their actions and how this can lead to a better functioning society. I wish someone would have shown a bit more consideration in this case!


  1. I had a very similar thing happen to my car. A dent high-up the side of the door. No-one left their details.

    Do you know anywhere locally that's good for that kind of repair?

  2. My car is a bit of an old banger if I am honest, so I have decided that it is not economical to get it repaied. I was going to buy some T-Cut polish and see if I can get rid of / diminish the scratches.

    Sadly I haven't found a good garage locally. I usually take take my car back to my parents in Oxfordshire for servicing etc.....

    As Lloyd Villas is so quiet I think it must have been one of the bin lorries. I know they visited the day it happened. I don't think a speculative complaint will get me anywhere though.