Sunday, 3 August 2008

Masons Bar, Ladywell

My soon to be flatmates, Mike and Claire, came to visit this weekend. In anticipation of their move they have bought a book of 1,001 things to do in London. A little to my surprise the stone circle in Hilly Fields is in the book. Above is a picture of Mike and I in the circle. The large shadow casting stones are on the eastern side of the sculpture and I think it would be most impressive at sunrise.

After the stone circle we went for lunch at Mason Bar in Ladywell. It has always looked appealing from the outside and I have heard good reviews so jumped at the opportunity to visit. Their menu is kept simple with three starters and five main courses (beef, lamb, chicken and pork roasts plus a vegetarian option). I had the pork roast, which was moist and tender. Mike had the lamb and Claire the beef. We all enjoyed our lunches and were too stuffed for desert.

The bill was very reasonable (thanks Mike for paying!) and they have a good selection of German, Belgian and English beers to accompany the food. Definitely pleased to have paid Masons a visit.


  1. I can see stone goalposts, but where is the rest of the circle?

  2. Use your imagination Blue Eyes! There are twelve stones in the circle, like the dial of clock.