Saturday, 2 August 2008

Telephone Woes

The increasingly slow download speeds from Virgin Broadband finally prompted me to move to another provider. On recommendation from my friend Blue Eyes I decided to give Be Broadband a try.

Be try to be very slick and only dispatch your modem two days before you are due to be connected, which I am sure would work very well if I wasn't out. I had to arrange redelivery which meant that I couldn't connect for three days. I was left bereft without being able to access the blog for a weekend.

When I finally received the modem I couldn't connect to the internet. A little bit of investigation discovered that when they had installed my broadband at the exchange my line had somehow crossed with someone else and my number had changed.

I've spent a frustrating week speaking to the faultlessly polite staff at BT trying to get them to sort my line out. It has proved surprisingly difficult and my problem was closed twice without being fixed. Only this morning after an engineer spent two hours in my flat looking at the problem was I reconnected.

A bit early to tell, but Be so far seems to be quite good. I have been downloading from the iPlayer and a few other sites and achieving good speeds.


  1. ARGHHH!! I had the same problem, my line mysteriously got crossed with someone elses. The poor woman who's number I got refused to believe it and kept ringing me (on her number!) to have a go at me. Also had to try and explain all this to 'dave' in Bangalore which was a test of my serenity.

    Anyways..all sorted now.

  2. Sounds like someone has been messing about the in the Brockley exchange!!