Sunday, 20 April 2008

Today I have been mainly walking

Another busy weekend. Yesterday I met my school friend, Joel, and his wife Becky for lunch. They are in NY for a long weekend celebrating their wedding anniversary. We went to a cafe opposite my flat called Josie's for brunch. The food was good and I think I have discovered a little local gem to enjoy a lazy lunchtime.

It was really hot in the afternoon and knowing that I had to head out to the airport to meeting Olivier in the early evening I just relaxed in the flat. After the near disaster of meeting Ruth at Pen station I am becoming quite versed in getting the train to Newark Airport and back.

We went for dinner at Blockheads which is a lively local Mexican place that has been recommended to me by a friend at friend at work. I will leave the review to Olivier.

I had another going out disaster in the evening. A big group of my JPMorgan friends were going out on the other side of town. Leaving Olivier to sleep off the jet lag I grabbed a taxi only to spend 5mins talking to them in the queue before being refused entry for the second weekend in a row! This time they didn't like my shoes.............

Today, Olivier and I did a mammoth walk around Manhattan. We headed down Third Avenue and stopped at a diner for breakfast. I went for a modest bagel with cream cheese, while Olivier did the full works pancakes with eggs and bacon.

We checked out Whole Foods in Union Square and then wound our way down to Ground Zero via Washington Square Park and Broadway. There were a few glimmers of sunshine breaking through the clouds so we decided to take the Staten Island ferry for views over Manhattan, Liberty and Ellis Islands.

There didn't seem to be much worth visiting at Staten and quite a lot of people just seemed to get the ferry straight back again! We paid a quick visit to the rather well done September 11th memorial on the shore near the ferry.

Off for dinner at Hudson Place.

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