Friday, 25 April 2008

We really are in trouble if Pret a Manger is the best British export we have to offer.


  1. I like Pret. They give me a free latte every morning. I know when they are on holiday and if I need something not on display, they go make it up fresh for me. I think it's a pretty good export.

    next to david beckham of course, but he's not included in the RPI

  2. Pret is such overpriced pretentious mayonnaise engulfed crap! Their coffee isn't too bad, though.

    Richard you are right, we are in trouble if all we are exporting is sandwich franchises. What happened to our engineering and inventive prowess?

  3. @ Mermaid of Moorgate - thanks for stopping buy. I agree that making all their food up fresh is a good plus of Pret.

    @ Blue Eyes - you exactly got my point. I'm struggling to think of the last great British invention to sweep the world.