Saturday, 29 December 2007

Home Rennovations

I've decided to do a few jobs sprucing up my flat. Today I cycled to Warren Evans in Shoreditch to buy a couple of pieces of furniture. The staff are a friendly bunch and the bed I bought from them three years ago has been very good. A successful trip apart from the cobbled streets around Columbia Road flower market which were murder on my bicycle.

I'm going to paint one of the bedrooms and then I'm hoping to get a new carpet, which is where I need some help from my readers! Can anyone recommend a good carpet shop? A quick Google returned EJ Carpets in Forest Hill and Lordship Lane Carpets in East Dulwich. Experiences? Other shops used? Thanks!


  1. There was a carpet shop recommended on the Kennington Trades website. I shall dig it out for you.

  2. Thanks Ed. My Brockley friends are being very quiet. I think everyone must go for natural wood round here.......