Sunday, 6 January 2008

The Magic of Soap Bubbles

Yesterday I went to a Royal Society of Chemistry Family Lecture called The Magic of Soap Bubbles at Southampton University. Organised by my mum's cousin Prof. John Dyke

It was designed to be educational, trying to get young people interested in Chemistry. I can't remember any actual science, it was just a lot of fun. There were soap bubbles of all shapes and sizes, bubbles inside bubbles, bubbles filled with smoke, children inside bubbles, bubbles used to map the shortest route between towns in the UK and bubbles refracted through lenses.

Forget Fairly Liquid, Persil is the best apparently. One third of a 500ml bottle to about 40l of water.


  1. Mr.Nagaraja Sheshappanavar6 January 2008 at 13:23

    Hi Richard,

    I remember the 109.47 degrees angle between the lines and the 120 degrees angle between the surfaces of the soapy film. Yes, it was really lot of fun indeed!

    Children ( and possibly adults!!) who attended the session will certainly spend a lot more time in their bathrooms playing with soap and soapy water for a few weeks atleast. I also found out that Dr. Isenberg has also written a book on this topic.

    We all had great fun indeed. A lovely area of resarch. I wonder how many years has Dr.Isenberg spent playing with bubles. It was interesting that he got away with smoking and drinking beer (relating both to the lecture) while giving the presentation. Ha ha ha! A rare one indeed.

    Mr.Nagaraja Sheshappanavar

  2. I think I have seen that lecture somewhere - the mapping using bubbles and smoke within bubbles certainly rings a bell!

    One of the most "inspiring" chemistry demonstrations I have seen was the use of liquid nitrogen to make strawberry icecream.