Saturday, 20 October 2007

Missing glasses

I left my glasses in the office yesterday. I now have the unenviable choice of a weekend of blindness or going into the office on a Saturday........


  1. I was getting eye strain, so I chose the office.

  2. I bet you did some work while you were there too!!

  3. Only half an hour which I didn't think was to bad for me!

  4. I did that twice R; it's very inconvenient!

    It's cheaper to buy a five quid pair and just use them if you really need to!

    Now I've got a pair in the car, and another in the briefcase, and although they look damn stupid style-wise, at least I'll be able to read the label on the bottle...

    Nice post about Brugge btw; we love it there - especially as all the roads go in different directions and after a few beers; you can get lost for months...!