Friday, 19 October 2007

High crime Brockley?

When I got home this evening there was a Police van parked outside my flat. Speaking to my neighbours, two people on scooters had broken into their car parked outside, stolen from inside it and driven off again.

Recently I've been getting carried away with the news of all of the developments in Brockley. Like the new deli, French food shop, cafes, new flats and shops. I've been kept up to date by the excellent Brockley Central.

A couple of years before I moved into Brockley, my friend Rob lived here. Seven years ago the latest development was more likely to be a new police witness appeal board.

Brockley has come a long way over the past few years and this was the first time that I have witnessed a crime during my time in Brockley. Tonight I was reminded it is an area up and coming with a bit of a distance to go.

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  1. There were coppers crawling all over Kennington on my way home from work last night too.