Monday, 17 September 2007

New Bike

After three years cycling round London on my 10 year old heavy steel bike I've decided to treat myself to a new set of wheels. It was nearly as expensive as my car!!!!

My friend Sean has a hair brained scheme to cycle across America in 18months time. I've not even been invited, but I am going to invite myself and this is the bike on which I am going to do it!

I'll post a review of the bike (a Specialized Sirrus) and Evans Cycles in a week or so when I have had a chance to review both properly.


  1. wicked mate! But where are the lights, the mud gards, the rack and the basket to carry your food shopping? You're not going to make it through the death valley on this fashion victim's kinda bike...

  2. Didn't you order itt months ago?

  3. Anon - I've had mud guards and pannier racks added to the bike. I fitted the lights myself! I grabbed this pic off the website. Don't worry, I'm prepared!

    Ed - Royal Mail lost my vouched, was a complete balls up, but alls well that ends well (hopefully).

  4. Good good!

    I'll look forward to seeing it.

  5. Well done mate. Can we have a picture of the real thing then?

  6. Pfft! 18 months to cycle across America? I reckon I could do it in 17 tops.