Sunday, 16 September 2007

Restaurant Review: Canteen

Yesterday I met my old flatmates Emily and Andie for lunch at Canteen in Spitalfields. It is part of a chain of two restaurants, the other one being on the South Bank (which was recommended to me by my first cousin Helen, although I haven't managed to visit that branch yet).

I've decided that I am a big fan. It's a mid-range kinda place, so don't think I'm enthusing about some secret new restaurant that is just about to get a Michelin star, because I'm not. But it does achieve what it sets out to do very well.

The menu contains British classics such as roasts, pies, stews, fish and chips; with additional daily specials. The menu is uncomplicated with enough choice, but not overboard with silly range of dishes. There are nice touches like a section of dishes you can order if you are in a hurry or on your lunch hour.

So why was I such a fan? Not many places a proud to serve traditional British food, in a relaxed and informal atmosphere for a sensible price.

After a review like that I'll doubtless be cursed next time I go!

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  1. I saw a survey recently that said that Brits eat out 2.5 times a week. I think you are pushing that average up rather a lot!!