Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Restaurant Review: Saki Smithfields

Last night I went to Saki, a Japanese restaurant in Smithfields, with my friends from the BIM programme at JPM Lee and Nadia.

I've never eaten hard core Japanese food before, probably because I don't really like fish least of all raw fish! We had a fantastic array of dishes. A sashimi platter of tuna, mackerel, octopus, sea bass, prawns and salmon. Sushi, fantastic fried shitake mushrooms, pork belly and eel. The most surprising dish was a recommendation from the waitress for Japanese egg custard. It didn't taste anything like an English egg custard. It was salty, soft textured. I was fearing that it might be slimy, but it wasn't at all.

As Nadia said on the invite
come with a full bladder, the toilets are fabulous. I leave for you to discover how fabulous.

It was reassuringly expensive when you are eating raw fish. Not somewhere you can go to regularly, but definitely a good place for a treat!

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  1. You can take me when you are feeling flush!