Monday, 16 April 2007

Visa Update + Advice Needed

Avid fans of the blog will be please to hear that although I can't find the reference number for my Oz visa I have found the credit card receipt which proves I purchased one at least.......

Despite the call on facebook I still need some suggestions of what hat to wear Em's wedding in Adelaide. It's black tie so I don't think my baseball cap will go somehow!

Finally I am taking John out for a meal tomorrow night as a thank you for having me to stay. All suggestions of smart restaurants with top quality food welcome! We went to the Banyan Tree last time and want to try something different this time.


  1. is it usual to wear a hat as part of the black tie get-up?

  2. It is in when you are bald in the Australian sun! I don't want to get a burnt head!

  3. Currently undecided18 April 2007 at 10:18

    When in Rome...

    go local and wear one of those with the corks. practical and beautiful.