Tuesday, 17 April 2007


Yet again a lazy start to the day, some aspects of Bangkok life never seem to change.......

We were thwarted in our attempts to get a massage so headed straight into town to go for the second fitting of my suit. It was little more than a waist coat style fabric template that hung off me as it was pinned, altered and marked with chalk. Just like you see in Saville Row, so I am hopeful for the end result!

After the suit fitting we headed up to MBK to buy some jeans. As anyone who has been to BKK will know MBK is a massive shopping centre in Siam Sqaure filled a huge array of knocked off and genuine goods. Somehow we managed to find the same shop in the bustling market section that we had been to last time. I don't think they remembered us, but John's charm and Thai meant that we got a good deal anyway.

In the evening we went to Santika which has to be my favourite night club in Thailand that John has introduced me to on either this trip or the last. It is a venue where great things happen and last night was no exception. To protect the modesty of those involved I won't say too much; but the evening involved six friends, two bottles of whiskey, 30 hot girls, mortally offending the owner of the club,
an after party, an after after party, borrowing money off a girl when I realised I had no money in the taxi and getting locked out of the flat. John and Andre ended the night physically crying with laughter as they fell back through the front door.



  1. Ricardo, you seem to be having WAY tooo much fun. This is not fair. Party on Dude.

  2. Ricardo, you seem to be having WAY tooo much fun. This is not fair.

    Agreed, please stop enjoying yourself or there won't be any fun for the rest of us!