Monday, 16 April 2007

Sony Music buys me dinner!

Well they bought John dinner and I was just a hanger on.........

It was a very lazy start to the day as a combination of jet lag and the night before caught up with me. John had a singing lesson and had to disappear to that. I went down to Central (a shopping centre close to John's flat) to get some lunch in the food court and in a comedy cultural experience to buy a mobile phone top up voucher using nothing but actions. Due to Songkran the streets are all very quiet for such a usually bustling city.

In the middle of the afternoon John gave me a call to invite me to the bar/restaurant where he and his Project Manager at Sony were having a drink. I hopped in a taxi and headed over with a crazy taxi driver telling me he watched Manchester United play on TV last night and going round corners very quickly shouting "Schumacher, Schumacher!" Just part of the surreal experience that is life in Bangkok.

We spent a chilled out few hours drinking, eating and chatting in the bar. John's Project Manager was very amusing. She hasn't quite decided what target market John should be going for yet. Thoughts of chasing after the pink pound and housewives caused much amusement. Not quite the adoring female teenage/early twenties fans John had been dreaming of!

Dang is difficult to pronounce in Thai and sounds like a word that means red. John Red just doesn't have the right ring to it somehow. We went through several options for a new name, around the theme of JD or giving it a Thai twist of Jai Dee. The ultimate Jedi was soon hit upon. Visions of starting a show with a stage covered in smoke, a battle with lightsabers and someone cutting off John's shirt leaving him playing naked quickly emerged!

On reflection we realised it wasn't the good idea we all thought and everyone went back to watching the farang sweat profusely as he ate food that was far too spicy...........

In the evening we headed out to a club called Bar Yantre, hoping to avoid the water fights of the previous night. As we approached the club everyone coming out of the door was soaked to the skin. We quickly stuck our heads inside and then bid a hasty retreat to the neighbouring bar that had banned water pistols. Sadly we were stood up by Noi.


  1. Richard you are a blogger par excellence!

    How off of Noi - still plenty more Thais in Bangkok eh!

    You didn't tell us what the Thai for top-up voucher is!

  2. "Top up" seemed to work quite well!

    Although we haven't loaded it onto the phone yet so who knows......