Saturday, 14 April 2007

When flirting means shooting someone with a water pistol!

After only six hours back in this great city it is not hard to see why so many people love Thailand.

Arrived after a painless flight. Texted John to let him know that I was jumping in a taxi and would see him in about an hour. When I got to John's apartment block I sent him another quick message to let him know I was chilling out and waiting by the pool. Little did I know that all Thai mobile numbers had recently had an "8" inserted at the start and John hadn't received any of my messages. Thankfully he was beginning to wonder where I was so came looking for me after about 10mins. Otherwise I could have been sitting there a while!

We headed straight down to Tesco Lotus for a massage. What a joy after sitting on a plane, and so cheap! Feeling a little peckish we had some Pad Thai and then it was onto the tailors to get myself measured up for my new Dinner Jacket. Raj - the owner - is away for the weekend, but John caused quite a stir as their chief referral officer hadn't been there in a while. It didn't take a long to get measured up and say "black, single breasted dinner jacket please".

We then headed over to Lumphini night market to do some shopping and to grab dinner. I bought some new sandals and a few silk scarves and surprises for mum and Ruth. It was tempting to spend a lot of money but I had to rein myself in. The bank balance is not looking at all healthy until I get paid in about a weeks time! The food was predictable excellent if a little bit "ped ped" (spicy spicy) for my English taste buds. I need to get used to it all again.

We headed back to the flat via Carrefour (why come to Thailand when you could head for Calais for the same retail experience?) to pick up a water pistol for Songkran. Songkran is the Thai New Year and celebrated with a massive water festival. When walking down the street you get attacked by people on the pavements with buckets of water and kids on the back of scooters doing drive by attacks. It's just crazy!!

In the evening we headed to RCA, which is a street of clubs. It was a crazy party atmosphere! The clubs were all full and the whole street was rammed with people having a massive water fight. You go armed with your water pistol and the guys shoot the cute girls and the girls shoot back at the good looking guys. After breaking the ice you dance, chat etc.... to the girl you have just drenched. It was quite a hands on experience! Needless to say everyone ends the night soaked to the skin!

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