Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Restaurant Review: Anna's Cafe

Went to have the second fitting of my new Dinner Jacket today. The alterations to the trousers look really good, but some more adjustments to the jacket are required so I have to go back again tomorrow. I know that the end results will be worth it, but I just want to stop trekking too and from the tailors in 30+ degree heat!

I had promised to take John out for dinner as a thank you for having me to stay. Last trip we went to an amazing roof top restaurant at the Banyan Tree hotel (click the pre-2007 and photos link on the left if you want to check out some the pics.) and wanted to try something different this time. John recommended Anna's cafe which is a small chain of 4/5 restaurants in Bangkok. The food was excellent. It has all of the traditional dishes that you can get at any street stall or restaurant across the city (Larb, Som Tum, Crab Curry etc........) but the quality is just taken to the next level. The ingredients are excellent and the cooking is delicate and balanced. The prices are very reasonable too. Next time you are in Bangkok I definitely recommend a visit!

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